What is Buraq?

A project to build the leaders of tomorrow, encourage in them a sense of initiative and enterprise, nurture their desire to give back and provide them with a safe space to experience science as it happens around them. We started our journey in 1993, when the Buraq Planetary Society came into being. Dr. Shahid Mahmud, our Chairman, had very closely observed an Uzbek space camp, he came back home with the vision to form a society that focused on the exploration of space sciences. Along with our co-founder, Mr. Sameer Qureshi, the pair studied and adapted the space camp pattern that already existed in Uzbekistan and integrated that into what came to be known as the Buraq Space Camp. Since its first space camp in 1994 in Murree, Buraq has since held 15 successful space camps with the collaboration of our Patron-in-Chief, the Pakistan Air Force. Buraq received almost immediate international recognition when it sent 3 of its members to the Uzbekistan Space Camp in 1994. Buraqians have been frequent participants in the National Science Talent Contents, and have also won accolades. They once again proved their mettle in 2017 at the Eisenhower Fellowship's Youth Leadership Program, where 3 Buraqians participated. Graduate Buraqians play a key role in the organization of the camps, creating a self-supporting team who understand the experience first-hand. In a true testament to Buraq values, Buraqians launched an Alumni Association (hyperlink to “Register as an Alumni” tab) through which Buraqians come together to serve (hyperlink to Facebook page ‘Cadets of Buraq’) the people of Pakistan.
Who We Are
Buraq Planetary Society is the first and foremost organization completely dedicated to giving the next generation of Pakistan a chance to experience new concepts and ideas in an open and dynamic environment.
What We Do
We bring together 40 of the brightest minds from across the nation, empower them with knowledge and skill, excite their imagination, and provide a safe and conducive environment for them to have their own ‘eurika’ moments while also competing for a final prize received at the end of the camp.
How We Do It?
We engage our students in projects, expedition, and in meaningful interactions with leaders in academia, science, business, technology and social service, instilling in them a sense of national pride, empowerment, social responsibility, and the ability to think outside the box.


Buraq Planetary Society was initiated in 1993 under the leadership of Mr. Shahid Mahmud & Mrs. Naureen Mahmud. Our first accomplishment was when we received international recognition by sending our top three cadets to the Uzbekistan Space Camp. In 1994, Buraq Planetary Society held its first Pakistani Space Camp in Murree and has held thirteen camps since then. All of the camps are lead & organized by the Buraq Planetary Society Board of Directors and graduate Buraqians from previous years, who were selected as top cadets from amongst their batch.
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