Camp Facilities
  • Cadets live in outdoor waterproof tents for the duration of the entire camp;
  • Cadets are divided into groups of 4 boys/girls;
  • Cadets are provided with free custom-made coveralls and a jacket, which they are required to wear during their stay;
  • Cadets are briefed by their seniors on studies, recreation, living, exercises, etc;
  • Cadets are provided pillows and an insulated sleeping bag;
  • Cadets are expected to follow all rules & regulations as laid out by their superiors, and remain disciplined & respectful towards each other & their seniors during their stay.
Cost of Attending a Buraq Space Camp

All boarding, lodging, transport, supply of study material, access to speakers during the camp is provided free of charge. Cost of transport to and from the camp site is not covered, however, there are a few need-based transport grants available.

What Parents should know
  • Cadets must remain on site for the entire duration of the camp;
  • Cadets will be allowed to use their cell phones only during a certain time period at night;
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be provided to cadets. A tuck shop will be available if cadets want to buy a snack;
  • Visitors will only be allowed during designated days and times that will be decided by the management and shared with the cadets,
  • The entire campsite perimeter will be well protected by dedicated security guards;
  • Cadets will be given prayer breaks at appropriate intervals;
  • There will be one or more field trips under supervision of experienced chaperons & instructors;
  • A doctor will be available on-call to provide free basic medical check-up or medicines, in case required;
  • Girls and boys will be given separate tents & restrooms.
Entrance Test
  • The entrance test shall be held on 19th October 2019 from 11:00am to 01:00pm, simultaneously, in various major cities at a selected location(s). Note that this date can be changed, depending on the prevailing security conditions. Please regularly visit our website and/or social media  for updates;
  • Venue & timings will be conveyed to all candidates who meet the age limit prior to the test date;
  • Students will be required to present a photo ID and proof of age at the test centre. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to sit for the test;
  • The test is not be limited to any specific subject or topic , and students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply;
  • For more information on the type of questions & the test format, click here (hyperlink to sample test);
  • A formal notification shall be e-mailed to all short listed candidates. The e-mail contains instructions for the next step in order to prepare for the camp;
  • Any candidate not contacted by 30th November 2019 can assume that he or she has been unsuccessful on this occasion. The candidate is strongly encouraged to re-apply next year.
How to Register
  • Interested students between the ages of 14 to 16 years (on 19th December 2019) must complete an online registration from available here before 27th September 2019;
  • Please do not leave any section blank and provide accurate contact information;
  • All information is kept confidential with Buraq Planetary Society.
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