Am I Allowed To Leave The Campsite During The Camp?

Cadets are not permitted to leave the campsite. Cadets missing part of the camp disrupts camp activities and is unfair to the other members of the team as all activities are team based.

Am I Required To Sleep In The Tent Through Out The Camp?

Yes, sleeping in the tents for the entire duration of the camp is a mandatory part of the Buraq Space Camp.

Am I Required To Study For The Entrance Test?

There is no set course that applicants need to study for the entrance test. It is designed to test general knowledge and basic knowledge of science and mathematics.

The test also includes an essay and a riddles section. Prospective cadets must be fluent in English and comfortable with writing in it.

Are Visitors Allowed During The Camp?

Visitors are allowed only during specific visiting hours. At all other times visitors will not be allowed in order to maintain our security.

If I Am Not Selected This Year, Can I Apply For The Next Camp?

You may always apply again as long as you meet the age restriction in the following year.

What Do Cadets Do At Buraq?

While being space-themed, Buraq Camp hosts a diverse range of lectures and activities that are aimed towards empowering the youth of Pakistan. Lectures, activities and workshops are all geared towards increasing the awareness of cadets regarding technology and current world-issues, while instilling qualities such leadership, teamwork, time-management and creativity in them.

Besides being a once-in- a-lifetime learning opportunity, Buraq Camp is also a competition. Cadets are groups that then compete with each other. Each member of the winning group will receive a cash prize of PKR 50,000 and a 6-week internship at one of our partner organizations.

What Is The Cost Of Attending Buraq And Who Pays For It?

Once selected, there is no fee and all boarding, lodging, transport, food, supply of study material and access to speakers during the camp is provided free of cost.

Cost of travel to and from the camp is not covered however there is a few need based transport scholarships available for selected students who cannot fund the cost of transport/travel from a different city.

Buraq Plantery Society is a CSR project of Interactive Group of Companies ( and is partially funded by previous Buraqians and lecturers. In the past, support for the camp has also come from the society’s patron, the Vice Chief of the Pakistan Air Force.

What Is The Selection Process?

Selection is a two-step process. The process begins with prospective cadets signing up for space camp using the Online Registration Form. All those who register and meet the age limit are sent details for the entrance test. After the entrance test, selected cadets may be required to participate in an interview on Skype or at the entrance test venue if deemed necessary but the selection committee.

Where Is The Camp To Be Held?

Buraq Camp is held in Chak Shahzad at a safe site which is walled and has security guards patrolling the area throughout the day. Cadets are randomly divided into groups of four boys or four girls and each group is provided a tent where they keep their luggage and sleep. Sleeping bags, pillows and inflatable mattresses are provided.

Where Is The Entrance Test Held?

The test centres are located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

Why Does Buraq Have Age Registration?

Buraq cannot cater for the entire youth of Pakistan.

14 to 16 years old students are in the preliminary phase of deciding their own future and developing their interests. Students beyond 17 are usually involved in college education and career development and hence, would have difficulty in taking time out for Buraq.

Fair & healthy competition can only arise if limits are set.

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