Test Sample

The test will have four sections. Samples for each section is provided below.

If you were given one year to spend in service on behalf of others, what would you choose to do, and why?

Two apples and one orange cost 5.5 dollars.If three apples and an orange cost 7.5 dollars,what is the cost of two oranges?
What is the sum of the first 500 integers?
The area of a rectangular field is equal to 300 square meters. Its perimeter is equal to 70 meters. Find the length and width of this rectangle.

A small pebble, stone, a feather, and a large cardboard box are released at precisely the same time from precisely the same height, which would land first provided air friction was equal to zero and gravitational force was constant.
A) Pebble Stone
B) Feather
C) Large Cardboard Box
D) They will land at the same time
What is the deepest known point in the ocean called?
Name the first animal put into orbit.

What building has the most stories?
I’m named after nothing though I’m awfully clamorous. And when I’m not working, your house is less glamorous. What am I?
Anoushey and Abdullah dig a hole of dimensions 17x17x34m in 5 hours, in one day. Anoushey can dig twice as fast as Abdullah, and the next day she digs another hole for 5 hours without Abdullah. What volume of dirt is in this hole?

Math/Logic: $1.5, 125250, W=15 and L=20
Science: D, Challenger Deep, Laika
Riddles: A library, A vacuum cleaner, none because a hole doesn’t have anything in it

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