Adil Al-Karim Manji

Adil Al-Karim Manji

Base Commander (2017)
Adil Al-Karim Manji is currently enrolled as a student at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Having served as the Vice President of the Astronomy Society at Karachi Grammar School and proven his mettle at Science Olympiads such as LUMS PsiFi, LGS M.A.T.C.H and Lyceum’s Quantum Leap, Adil has always displayed a genuine passion for science. After attending Buraq as a cadet in 2014, he returned to serve as Wing Commander (2015) and Officer Commanding Engineering (2016) before being finally appointed as Base Commander (2017). He was also selected as one of three Buraqians to attend the Eisenhower Fellowships Conference in Malaga, Spain in 2017.
Moiz Amer

Moiz Amer

City: Islamabad, Pakistan School: Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Achievements:
  • A Level Scholarship
  • Awarded High Achiever in all academic years
  • Scored 2 hole-in-ones
  • Learner Distinction in Physics and Mathematics
  • Learner Distinction in Mathematics.
  • AICE Diploma distinction
  • Distinguished Alumni Guest at Global Young Leaders Conference
  • 1st position at School Biology Competition, PEISG (2014)
  • Winner at Pronto Grand Prix, Pakistan’s first car race event
  • Vice President at Roots Space and Science Society
  • Awarded Human Calculator and All-Rounder at Roots
  • Deputy Director of Human Resource MMUN’16
  • Interned at Serena Hotels
  • Interned at Serene Air
Summaiya Rasheed

Summaiya Rasheed

Wing Commander

St. Joseph’s Convent School (former) The lyceum school (current)
Passions and achievements:
  • To serve Pakistan, through the armed forces,
  • Throwball, Basketball
  • Learning Arabic
  • Athletics, competed in and won accolades in multiple across the city and country athletics competitions,
  • Won best athlete in 2017 (At SJC),
  • Appointed responsibility of the ‘blue house’ for the Annual sports at St. Josephs, won ‘Best March Past’ and ‘Best House,’
  • Participated in and won accolades in ad-lib declamations, elocutions, and Model United Nations,
  • Served as an organizing team member at The Lyceum Debate Competition,
  • Served as an organizing team member for 2 years at St. Joseph’s Convent’s annual computer, art and science competition,
  • Participated in the Enterprise Challenge Pakistan in 2016 and qualified to the semi-finals,
  • Acted, directed and wrote multiple plays (2012 – present),
  • Taught at The Citizens Foundation schools, and Bharia College Karsaz special children wing, as a volunteer,
  • Volunteered at multiple NGOs (2014-present), The Indus Hospital, The Citizens Foundation, Child Health Foundation, Dar-ul-Sukun,
  • Karachi Grammar Science Olympiad 2017: ranked 2nd in the crime module,
  • Completed courses by the Prince’s Trust in database, desktop publishing, word processing, and spreadsheet;
  • Participated in Buraq 2015 and was part of the winning wing,
  • Served as Wing Commander in 2017,
  • Qualified National Science Talent Competition (Physics),
  • Elected to serve as ‘Elected Representative’ in the Student Council at The Lyceum,
  • Active member of a team helping to start 2 schools in Balochistan,
  • Intern at Integrated Dynamics Aerospace.
Raphael Khalid

Raphael Khalid

Officer Commanding Engineering

City: Islamabad, Pakistan School: Froebel’s International School, Islamabad Significant Achievements:
  • High Achiever’s Award in Physics and Economics
  • Part of Pakistan’s National Debate Team
  • Volunteered as a teacher at Master Ayub’s Street School
  • Organized Social Outreach Program as part of Buraq Alumni Association
  • Won numerous awards at international and national Model UN Conferences
Aman Ullah

Aman Ullah

OC Engineering

CS major from NUST Islamabad
  • Particularly interested in the tech industry, latest trends, and emerging technologies, which is why I decided to pursue a CS degree
  • Love teaching, because I have a way with it and getting through to people.
  • have deep rooted interest in physics music
  • Film scoring and music production
  • Have been freelancing
  • Worked with PIF for a couple of months, arranging workshops, activities and short courses for the youth in 2015
  • Contributed and played an active role in the web and application development of Patari
  • Currently leading the project of developing the cellular device based application for the CSD grocery stores chain
  • Worked with FACE (foundation of arts and cultural education)
Muhammad Rafay Kazmi

Muhammad Rafay Kazmi

OC Personnel

Kamra, District Attock
Roots IVY International School F-8 Campus
  • I love math
  • To me, music is more than just a hobby, it’s an inspiration, a purpose.
  • I’m a guitarist
  • I love Literature
  • Physics is one of my favourite subjects and I plan to pursue it and do Electrical Engineering later on.
  • Apart from studying and music, I maintain a good healthy lifestyle. The gym is my workplace.
  • I prefer to dress my best at any given moment. You could say I’m sensitive about my dressing sense.
  • I want to work towards solving the energy crisis currently ongoing in my country through widespread usage of renewable energy resources.
Other Notable Achievements:
  • I was a cadet in the 12th Buraq Space Camp and now am OC Personnel in the 14th Buraq Space Camp.
  • I went to Columbia University in NYC on full scholarship and did an introduction to engineering course. It was about solar power. My solar oven group project broke all course records and is currently the best mechanical design. My second project, which was about designing a solar kiosk for a specific area, was ranked as most practical and likely to be implemented in the near future by my course professor.
  • Although my interest in debating isn’t much, I have 2 outstanding diplomacy awards from FROMUN (Froebel’s Model United Nations)
Alina Salman

Alina Salman

Officer Commanding Flying

City: Karachi, Pakistan School: Nixor College Significant Achievements:
  • Member of The Junior Academy of the Gobal STEM Alliance, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Interned at ZeroTB Program of Global Health Directorate, Indus Health Network
  • Interned at Shaur – LES
  • Interned at Nixor Hospital
  • Vice-President of the Nixor Student Government 2018-19
  • Captain of Nixor’s Debate Team 2017-19
  • Directed the theatrical adaptation of The West Side Story at Nixor
  • Nominated for Excellent Performance Awards in multiple subjects
  • Honorable Mention at Karachi Grammar School Olympiad 2016
  • Organized and executed multiple community service projects at Nixor
  • Organized and executed the Social Outreach Programs as part of the Buraq Alumni Association
  • Nominated for the Competitive College Club, EducationUSA, USEFP
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