Dr. Mahmud focuses on the critical needs of the society using systems integration supplemented with optimized connectivity to support health, education, and public safety. He holds a PhD in Computer Sciences from Coventry University, United Kingdom. Has a Master’s degree in Defense and Strategic Studies from the National Defence University, Pakistan as well as Bachelors in Engineering from NED University, Pakistan. Dr. Mahmud is a Senior Fellow at the Global Think Tank Network (GTTN) and Co-chair for ICT on the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). He is currently working with several Universities on Futures research.
He is the founder, CEO and Chairman of Interactive Group with over 33 years of experience in the advancement of telecommunications, information technology, and wireless media infrastructure in Pakistan. Dr. Mahmud is also the Co-Founder of ‘Foresight Lab’; a joint collaboration of AGAHI, a non-governmental organization, and the Interactive Group of Companies. The Lab aims to promote a Futures Index in the country to advance policymaking and strategic narratives on crucial areas by engaging lawmakers, policymakers, academia and the society.
In recognition of promoting and advancing Pakistan’s ICT industry, he has received many awards and has been recognized as Distinguished Fellow by Eisenhower Fellowships. He is enthusiastic entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist for health and youth-oriented projects, and keen mountaineer.

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